Lemon Verbena Weekend at Cyherbia Botanical Park

Lemon Verbena is a much loved herbal tea in Cyprus but there is so much more to this lemony plant than just tea!

You can learn all about its many uses during CyHerbia's event on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of September.
On both days at 11:30 herbalist Miranda Tringis will give a free informative talk on the benefits and uses of Lemon Verbena as a tea, culinary herb, essential oil and medicine. Straight after, our kitchen fairy Vikki will show you how to make lemon verbena cookies, followed by a demonstration by our cosmetics fairy Polina, who will teach you how to make your own fizzy bath bombs with lemon verbena oil. All visitors will have the chance to taste FREE lemon verbena ice tea, cake, cookies, even lemon verbena soup! Handouts with recipes will be given out to take home with you. For this event normal entrance fees apply.

For more information visit Cyherbia.com