Useful Information

  • Car Rentals
    Renting a car in Cyprus is relatively easy and driving is one of the easiest ways to get around the island.
    You can either book a car while at Capo Bay Beach Hotel or book online through our online hotel reservations system.
  • Diving Centre
    A 5 Star PADI diving centre is located within the premises of the hotel, in close proximity to the beach and our adults only outdoor swimming pool. The diving centre is privately owned and is offering lessons for beginners and excursions for the more experienced divers at a charge. Open daily between April and October.

    For more details please visit

  • Water Sports
    A large variety of water sports are available at Fig Tree Bay, in front of the hotel, at a charge. The water sports facility is provided by an outside contractor and is open daily between April and October. All the most popular motorised and non-motorised sports are available.

    For more details please visit

  • Public Holidays
    All public services, private enterprises, banks and shops in Cyprus, are closed on public holidays. In resort and coastal areas, however, shops and certain services remain open. Banks are closed on Easter Tuesday.

    1st of January: New Year's Day
    6th of January: Epiphany Day
    March / Variable: Green Monday ( 50 Days before Greek Orthodox Easter )
    25th of March: Greek National Day
    1st of April: Greek Cypriot National Day
    April / Variable: Good Friday ( Greek Orthodox Church )
    April / Variable: Easter Monday ( Greek Orthodox Church )
    1st of May: Labour Day
    June / Variable: Pentecost - Kataklysmos ( Festival of the Flood )
    15th of August: Assumption
    1st of October: Cyprus Independence Day
    28th of October: Greek National Day ( Ochi Day )
    25th of December: Christmas Day
    26th of December: Boxing Day
  • Business / Shopping Hours
    Bank Hours: 
    Monday - Friday: 08.30 hours to 14.30 hours (times may vary for individual banks)

    Shopping Hours: 
    Winter Period ( November 1 - March 31 ) 
    Mon, Tue, Thu : Approximately from 09:00 to 19.00 hours
    Wednesday : Approximately from 09:00 to 14.00 hours
    Friday : Approximately from 09:00 to 20.00 hours 
    Saturday : Approximately from 09:00 to 15.00 hours
    Summer Period ( April 1 - October 31 ) 
    Mon, Tue, Thu : Approximately from 09:00 to 20.30 hours
    Wednesday : Approximately from 09:00 to 14.00 hours
    Friday :Approximately from 09:00 to 20:00 hours
    Saturday : Approximately from 09:00 to 17.00 hours

    Please note that Shopping Hours change frequently in Cyprus. Please confirm with the reception if you are staying at Capo Bay Beach Hotel.
  • Driving In Cyprus
    Visitors to Cyprus can drive using a valid international driving licence, or their national driving licence, provided it is valid for the class of vehicle they wish to drive.

    European driving licences are recognised officially by the law 94(1)/01. Driving licences issued by Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Australia, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, United States of America, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Russia, must be replaced after a stay exceeding six months.

    Non European citizens and citizens who come from the previously mentioned countries are allowed to drive holding their national driving licence for a period of about 30 days ( this period is not strictly enforced ). If they are holders of an international driving licence they are allowed to drive provided their licence is valid.
  • Electric Current - Voltage
    The supply in Cyprus is 240 volts, a.c. 50Hz. More than one low current rating appliance may be operated from the same supply point, by using an adaptor (i.e. radios, electric clocks etc.). The use of adaptors for operating high current rating appliances is not recommended (i.e. irons).
    If you are staying at Capo Bay Beach Hotel, Cyprus you can request for adaptors from our Front Desk or add a request while booking from our online hotel reservation system.