Artists Bios

  • Sabine Davion
    • Diploma from the Institute of Ceramic of Sèvres

    Solo Exhibition
    • 2010 Salon d’Artisanat  d’art au château  de Combourg
    • 2010 Salon d’Artisanat au Salon d’Art de Saint Briac
    • 2011 Printemps des Artistes à Evran
    • 2011 Exhibition Festival of Nature and Cinéma, Montreuil sur Ille
    • 2011 Exhibition Gallery Ti Forn, Quiou
    • 2012 Installation, Golf  du Tronchet, Saint Malo
    • 2013 Installation, Festival de L’Estran
  • Nikos Kouroussis

    1960-1964 St. Martins and Hornsey College of Art London

    Cyprus National Gallery, Nicosia
    Athens National Gallery Greece
    National Bank of Greece, Athens
    Bank of Cyprus, Nicosia
    Pierides Foundation Larnaka Cyprus
    G&A. Mammidakis Foundation Crete Greece
    Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia Greece



  • Lia Lapithi

    Lapithi works around autobiographical experiences and the political Cyprus issue of her divided island. Her recent works are on LOVE, FOOD and FEMINISM, through social interaction events, documenting and recreating them through installations and performances.

    1979-83   Double major: Degree of Bachelor of Arts and Environmental Studies/Design (Double major),
                    University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), California, USA
    1984        Degree of Master of Philosophy (MPhil Art), University of Lancaster, UK.
    1989-91   Diploma of Architecture, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury School of Architecture, UK (RIBA part 2)
    1994        Master in Education, University of Wales, UK

    Artist Awards
    2008       nominated Woman Artist of the Year Award (by Mme Figaro)
    2005       Woman Artist of the Year Award (voted by Mme Figaro readers)
    2001       4th price of the multimedia award at the 3rd Biennale of Florence, Italy
    1999       Le Grand Prix (First overall prize) of the 20th International Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt
    1988       National Book Artist Award, for illustration of unpublished children's book («Μια ανοιξιάτικη μέρα»), Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture
    1983      The Outstanding International Student Award, University of California Santa Cruz, USA


  • Efi Savvides
    Solo Exhibition
    • 2009 - In Transit, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, CY
    • 1993 - Blue or Red, Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia,
    • 1991 - Agia Sophia, installation in-situ, 11 Othello St., Nicosia
    • 1989 - Seven Signs, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, CY
  • Guillaume Castel
    • Beaux-Arts, Paris

    Commande publique (1%) Commune de Pleyber-Christ (29).
    Aquisition d’une installation par  le conseil Général des Côte d’Armor (22)
    Commande publique (1%) Communauté de Commune de Bourbriac (22).
    Commande d’une sculpture monumentale association les genêt d’Or à Landivisiau
    Commande publique Ville de Plouégat-Guérrand (29)
    Commande publique ( 1% ) Ville de St Martin-des-Champs (29).
    Commande publique Ecole du Véléry / ville de Plourin-les-Morlaix
    Commande publique (1%)  /  ville de Landivisiau
    Acquisition publique /Ville de Nantes
    Commande publique / Le Ponthou
    Commande publique de La Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Morlaix
  • Catherine Baas
    • Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Grenoble

    Solo Exhibitions
    • 2002  Festival International des Jardins de Chaumont sur Loire
    • 2006  Painting exhibition and photos at the Château de Roussillon in colllaboration with la DRAC
    • 2006 Exhibition od sculptures in situ in troglodytes caves in Maine et Loire
    • 2010  Installation  in situ, Québec Mont St Hilaire
    • 2011  Exhibition  at the Cultural Centre of Recife, Brazil
    • 2011 Exhibition at Hartmann Gallery, Barcelone
    • 2012 Creation in situ at Parc Floral, Orléans
    • 2014 Installation in large scale for the town of Chalon sur Saône
  • Capo Bay Art Hotel - Artists
    Since 2013, thanks to the introduction of a development policy that involves hosting art symposiums and inviting artists-in-residence to stay at the hotel, contemporary works by famous artists such as Nikos Kouroushis, Lia Lapithi, Efi Savvides, Guillaume Castel, Catherine Baas and Paulina Okurowska, have become part of the establishment’s public spaces and outdoor areas.
  • Paulina Okurowska