Art hotel

Welcome to the roots of the Mediterranean imaginary!


The aesthetics of a contemporary hotel space that exists in perfect osmosis with the timeless space of the Mediterranean, associating art, culture and sophistication with the region’s traditions, within an environment combining the refinement and hospitality of Cyprus.  However, for several years now, Capo Bay Hotel has also been developing an innovative concept – an “art of travelling” in both the literal and the figurative sense, in which the hotel industry co-exists with the world of art…

For the past three years, the Capo Bay Hotel has reserved its walls and its public spaces for local and international artists, whose sensitivity to Mediterranean culture enables them to create a cosy and attractive environment that stimulates the imagination of the hotel’s residents, via a unique artistic visual journey combining tradition and modernity.

Staying somewhere between the worlds of dream and reality, our guests will be able to embark on a journey of initiation, taking them wherever they want to go and lasting throughout their stay, into a poetic and artistic world adorned with Mediterranean colours and specialities, created exclusively for the hotel’s guests, and enriching their stay through contemporary artistic creation.

Over and above the services Capo Bay offers, thanks to this original initiative, it seeks to meet the requirements of these visitors, by combining relaxation and well-being with poetry and richness.