Capo Greco

Cape Greko is a picturesque protected national park and is famous for its sea caves, which lie off the Protaras-Ayia Napa coast road. Follow the road to Ayia Napa and take the first road to Cape Greko. The scenery is spectacular – stunning drops down to crystal blue sea.

From the cliffs that lie on Cape Greko you can see the amazing Mediterranean sea all around. The beautiful waters surrounding the area have made it a huge draw for scuba divers. People are also known to dive from the cliffs at Cape Greko, but be warned that some of the currents in the serene looking waters are stronger than you can imagine.

Cape Greko has magnificent sea cliffs and some amazing plant life. There are more than 36 Orchid species that grow in the park there. Here you can also find crocuses and irises which add beautiful colour and fragrance to the park.

Cape Greko sits on more than 390 hectares of land and offers visitors the chance to enjoy numerous activities as well as scuba diving. Some of the activities you might be interested in are swimming, fishing, rowing, riding and cycling.You will also find the remains of an old Venetian lighthouse which is popular amongst bird-watchers.

It is also said that in Cape Greko during ancient times, there was a temple to Aphrodite.