Hints and Tips

Will our wedding be legally recognized in the UK?

Yes, weddings in Cyprus are completely legal and recognized internationally; the only exception is the Catholic wedding service which must be preceded by a civil wedding. Your marriage certificate is proof that you are legally bound by law as though you had been married in the UK.

My fiancé is not a British citizen, will this be a problem?

Not at all, but bear in mind that the legal requirements and documentation varies for each nationality, please make sure that you inform us well in advance so that we can advise you accordingly. We would also strongly recommend that your fiancé contacts his embassy and the Cyprus embassy in the UK before you travel.

Where and when can I get married?

By Cyprus law your marriage must take place in the same resort as Capo Bay and both bride and groom must be resident on the island for at least 2-3 working days before the ceremony can take place. Civil weddings take place in the town hall between 10:00 am and 2:00pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Civil weddings can also be held in our hotel; these usually take place after 2:00pm and are subject to an extra charge.

How long will the wedding ceremony take?

This will depend on the type of ceremony you have, a church wedding will last 20-40 minutes and you can discuss the order of service, hymns and wedding music with the priest at the pre-wedding meeting. Civil ceremonies are conducted by the local mayor or marriage officer and are shorter lasting around 10 minutes. All ceremonies are conducted in English.

Which name should the bride travel under?

It is best if the bride travels under her maiden name for the whole holiday as the name on her flight ticket has to match the name on her passport.

My fiancée would love a church wedding but I have not been baptized, can we still get married in the church?

At least one of you must be baptized for either an Anglican or Catholic Church ceremony and you will be required to attend an interview with the priest prior to the wedding. The church reserves the right to decline to conduct a ceremony in which case a civil ceremony would be arranged instead.

How should I transport my wedding dress?

You should pack your wedding dress securely in a suitcase or dress bag, this will be transported in the luggage hold due to space restrictions in the cabin. Don’t worry about a few creases, due to the humidity these will usually drop out once the dress has been hung up for a couple of days. If not, don’t panic, Capo Bay offers a dry cleaning and ironing service- your wedding coordinator will be able to advise you.

How soon should we book our wedding?

It is recommended to book as soon as possible as the sooner you book the greater the chance of confirming your preferred date, time and venue. Many couples book a year or more before their wedding. In particular church weddings tend to get booked up very quickly as slots are limited so booking early will avoid disappointment.

I have just booked my wedding for next year, is it too early to start booking extras?

Absolutely not! Many couples prefer to start booking wedding extras early on as they want to get organised and also spread the cost, you could also benefit from choosing the right date.

Can you give me an idea of the procedures once we arrive in Cyprus?

You will be invited to a meeting with your personal wedding coordinator who will help you check that you have all the necessary documents. Your wedding coordinator will then make an application for your special license and will let you know the time of your appointment at the town hall to finalise your application. Appointments are usually the next day, depending on which day of the week you arrive. If you are having a religious ceremony you will also be advised of your appointment with the priest or church coordinator.
During this initial meeting your wedding coordinator will go through all the aspects of your big day and will be able to offer advice and information on receptions, flowers, transport and photography, he or she will also show you a photo album with lots of pictures to give you an idea of what we can offer. If you haven’t booked your wedding extras before you arrive, don’t worry because you will be able to book all of the above services through your coordinator.

Will I see my wedding coordinator again?

After your initial meeting your wedding coordinator will always be available and will make regular contact with you. You will also be provided with a mobile contact number should you have any questions or concerns. Of course we also take into consideration that some couples want their privacy and we will respect this.
On your wedding day your coordinator will be with you before, during and after your wedding, their role is to blend into the background and oversee all the arrangements to make sure your wedding day is relaxing and stress free. They will coordinate your transport, guests, help with flowers and anything else that needs to be done to ensure your day is simply perfect!

I have booked my holiday with another company but I like the information on your site and would like to book my wedding with you, is this possible?

Of course, in addition to the packages we offer to tour operator clients we can also provide stand alone wedding services. Please contact us for more information on all our wedding options, but if you have booked through a tour operator please send us their details and your booking reference this will help us to tailor-make our offer and provide you with the best possible prices.

Is it possible to buy wedding rings and other jewellery in Cyprus? I would love to have something a little different that will always remind me of our special day.

There are many jewellers who can create exquisite wedding rings and other jewellery tailor-made for you here in Cyprus. All jewellery is of outstanding quality and available at a fraction of the cost you would pay in the UK, you can also have your wedding rings engraved with each others’ names.

What shall I wear?

Of course you want to look your best and perhaps the most important thing when selecting your wedding dress is to choose a style that suits you and makes you feel fantastic, but you also want to be comfortable and choosing the right fabric and style is crucial.
Cyprus in the summer can get very hot so lightweight fabrics in summer styles are perfect as they will keep you cool and show off your tan, you can then add a traditional veil or for a fresh look, hair swept elegantly up and dressed with a stylish tiara or romantic flowers. It is also a good idea to think about how you are going to celebrate after the wedding, if you are opting for a formal dinner in Capo Bay, a traditional dress with a train will make a statement. If your choice is different then a more simple contemporary style will be more practical.
If you are wearing a light coloured dress, underwear in a skin tone is a must, the light is very strong in Cyprus and white or coloured underwear will definitely show through.
If you are having a church wedding you will be expected to dress appropriately with no beach wear or very revealing dresses.
For the groom and male guests, lightweight fabrics such as linen are perfect; waistcoats are also a good alternative if you prefer not to wear a jacket.
Don’t forget that everyone is going to want to admire the ring so your hands need to be in tip top shape, why not treat yourself to a manicure to ensure that you have flawless skin and perfect nails?
When choosing your shoes, keep in mind that in the heat feet can swell up, so open shoes are the best bet, a pampering pedicure is also the perfect way to relax before your big day.

What kind of transport can you arrange?

If you are getting married in the summer, air-conditioned transport is essential. Your wedding coordinator can advise you on the best way to transport you and your guests so that you all arrive looking and feeling perfect.

Is there anything I need to bring with me from home?

Although you will be able to get most things you need in resort, as well as those all-important documents, you might want to bring some little extras for that personal touch. Perhaps you have some special music that you would like to play when you make your entrance or for your first dance? It would be a good idea to bring this with you on a CD. If you are having a church wedding, music should be appropriate and authorised by the priest.

I have booked a hotel wedding package through a tour operator; is the ceremony venue included in my package price?

This really depends on the tour operator and hotel! Some wedding packages will include 1 venue free of charge with the possibility of upgrading to an alternative venue. What is included in a venue set up can also vary. To avoid disappointment please contact your tour operator detailing your booking reference and they will be able to explain exactly what is included in your individual package.

Some of our guests are staying in other hotels; will they be able to join us for our hotel ceremony and reception?

Capo Bay will allow your non-resident guests to attend your ceremony and reception, however guests cannot make use of hotel facilities such as the swimming pool etc! Of course for your reception your chosen menu will carry a per person charge. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a set up charge for the reception venue in my hotel?

Please visit the wedding offers at our site.

I booked a hotel wedding through a tour operator; my tour operator package includes the services of a wedding coordinator but the hotel has a wedding coordinator too! Who is my main contact?

If you have booked your wedding through a tour operator, your main contact will be their in-resort wedding coordinator/ wedding rep; he or she will be looking after every aspect of your wedding holiday from the moment you arrive in resort. However if you are having your ceremony or reception in Capo Bay then our coordinator will be taking care of the arrangements and set up here and will also be available to help with any issues relating to the hotel.
You will usually have a meeting with your tour operator wedding rep the day after arrival, if you are having a Capo Bay wedding he or she can arrange for our hotel coordinator to attend as well so that together they can take care of all the details leaving you to enjoy your wedding holiday!

I have not booked by wedding holiday through a tour operator but would like to have a wedding coordinator to take care of arrangements when I arrive in Cyprus, can you help?

Of course! Please contact us for information on our individual wedding services.

What documents do we need to bring?

Have a look at the “Legal Requirements” page on our website, here you will find a print-friendly list of all the documents you need for your wedding. Please have in mind though that this information relates primarily to British or Irish passport holders so if either you or your fiancé are nationals of another country please contact us for details of legal requirements

Will be wedding certificate be in Greek?

No, both the ceremony and the certificate will be in English

Can we book our hotel through you as well?

Yes of course! If you have not booked a wedding holiday through a tour operator you can book directly with us at Capo Bay. Please contact us for more details

I would like my ceremony on the beach or somewhere really special, can I do this?

The civil ceremony can only take place in a town hall or designated wedding venue usually in a hotel, likewise an Anglican or Catholic ceremony can only take place in the relevant church or wedding chapel. As most beaches in Cyprus are public it is not normally possible to have a wedding ceremony on the beach.
However our restaurants and wedding venues are all very close to the fig tree beach so you will enjoy the beautiful settings and have breathtaking sea views.

We have been married for ten years but would like to renew our vows, can you help?

An Anglican blessing would have to take place in the church or chapel but a non-denominational renewal of vows could take place in Capo Bay!

If I book a wedding with you today, how soon can I get married?

This will depend on availability at the town hall you wish to marry in- certain times of years are very popular so we recommend early booking. However assuming that there is availability, legally speaking you need to be on the island for 2-3 days in order to apply for a special marriage license, however don’t forget that you will need to have all the relevant documents with you including the freedom to marry certificate which needs to be obtained from a solicitor in the UK. Assuming that you have all your documents in order and that the town hall has an available slot, we can arrange a ceremony within just a few days.

We have a very limited budget, can you help?

All of our wedding extras are available individually meaning you can pick and choose exactly what you want without having to purchase a package of flowers, photography etc, we also have a range of products and services starting from basic and going up to luxury so there is definitely something to suit every pocket! If you have booked through a tour operator, your basic package will probably include the essentials such as license, administration charges and a simple bouquet and buttonhole. It is then up to you whether to upgrade on items like flowers and to purchase photography, wedding transport etc. Please check what is included in your basic package and contact us for ideas on a wedding day you will remember forever without breaking the bank.