Entry Regulations

Entry regulations apply only to the areas controlled by the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Passport: required, except for holders of:

1. Laissez-Passer issued by the United Nations

2. Document issued to stateless persons and recognised refugees.

3. Further to the above, citizens of the European Union countries, as well as of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, may enter Cyprus with their national identity card provided there is a photo.

Admission and transit restrictions. The government of the Republic of Cyprus refuses admission to:

1. Holders of Former Yugoslav Republic's passports bearing a renewal stamp with the name "Macedonia". Entry is only allowed to holders of Yugoslav passports without the above-mentioned stamp.

2. Holders of "passports" issued illegally by the secessionist entity, the so called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Other nationalities having stamps or visas of the so called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" in their passports are only allowed to enter Cyprus after the above-mentioned visas/stamps are cancelled by the Immigration Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.

3. For those intending to be employed in Cyprus the issue of an employment permit by the Migration officer is required and no visa is required in order to travel to Cyprus.

*" TRNC has been denied any international recognition and has been condemned and declared as illegal by the whole of International Community through Security Council Resolutions 541/83 and 550/84".