Quality Policy

Capo Bay Hotel and its staff are committed to offering their customers high quality of services and facilities that comply to health and safety standards, hygiene and quality control standards. At the same time to meet the demands and expectations of the customers in terms of costs as well as to comply with all relevant legislation and regulation demands.

To achieve the above, the management of the hotel:

 Has adopted a quality control system, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which is applied to all daily tasks and operations in the hotel that affect the hygiene and safety of food.2. Is committed to producing and serving safe and high quality food items that correspond to the needs and expectations of the customers and at the same time to ensure complete hygiene and quality.

• Has established a HACCP system which analyses hazards and recognizes the critical control points in order to prevent danger, care for sensitive consumers (customers with special dietary needs) in accordance with legislation, indications from relevant authorities as well as new scientific data regarding hazards from food.

Is responsible for maintaining and continuously improving the HACCP policy and assigns relevant duties and responsibilities to the HACCP team.

 Is committed to supporting the HACCP team, supplying them with all means and resources so that the system functions successfully and as required.

 Carries out periodic inspections in order to ensure that the quality and food safety policies are kept and if not, takes the necessary corrective actions.

 Is committed to ensuring that the quality and food safety policies are understood, applied and kept at all levels of the organisation.

 Sets measurable and objective goals. These goals are evaluated by top management.

 Invests in staff trainings and seminars so that they can promote quality, good hygiene practice and be able to apply HACCP in all activities.

 Develops long term and mutually beneficial working relationships with reliable, technologically advanced and quality conscious suppliers.

• Offers health and safety to staff, customers and third parties, protects the environment and takes all necessary measures as per regulations.

• Monitors, evaluates and measures the critical parameters and procedures to ensure food quality and safety.

• Offers quick, efficient and friendly service to customers and associates.

• Offers its customers the best value for money.

• Uses the best available quality of products and materials according to the standards of the hotel and as expected by the customers.

• Maintains equipment and machinery to the highest possible standards in terms of cleanliness, comfort, functionality, performance and hygiene.

• The quality and food and safety policy will be monitored, maintained and improved continuously with ongoing inspections and reviews.