Enviromental Policy
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Enviromental Policy

The Capo Bay Hotel aims to achieve low levels of environmental consequences. Being fully aware of its obligations towards the environment, the hotel has set the following goals:

1. Promote a feeling of responsibility towards the environment by all the staff.

2. Include environmental practice in the daily tasks, keeping in mind that protecting the environment is a challenge, an opportunity and not a threat.

3. Evaluate the environmental consequences in all activities, procedures and use of material.

4. Conform with current environmental legislations and take into consideration any possible future changes in the legislation.

5. Apply any necessary measures in order to prevent, stop or minimise pollution, emissions and waste, also to protect and maintain natural resources.

6. Ensure continuous progress in achieving environmental goals and aims set by the management, with internal and external evaluations and audits.

7. Purchase low consumption electrical appliances as well as to purchase items in large packages.

8. Study, keep records and set levels on consumption of electricity and water.

9. Participate in various environmental events and programmes and to make donations in such events.

10. Re-use, make good use and recycle items.

Travelife Sustainability System

We have adopted the Travelife principles of sustainable development and we are actively working towards improving our sustainability performance.

The Travelife Sustainability System is an initiative managed by the travel industry. It helps tourism related businesses to measure, improve and report on their contribution to the environmental protection, social development and economic stability of the destinations and communitiesin which they are based.

See www.travelife.org for more details.