Facial Treatments

A selection of superb cleansing, moisturising and firming facial treatments.

INTENSE MOISTURISING RITUAL (Dehydrated Skin) 90 minutes $120.55
An excellent treatment for dehydrated skin. A deeply intense moisturizing facial that will eradicate any concerns for those exposing their skin to the UV sunrays & air conditioning during their holiday.
ABSOLUTE PURITY RITUAL (Oily Combination Skin) 90 minutes $120.55
This purifying facial is excellent for those concerned with oily and congested skin. It is designed to balance combination skin and help to reduce the appearance of open pores, blemishes and blackheads. The purifying ingredients detect the imperfect and illuminate them through this detoxifying facial. A must have for combination skin.
EXTREME MATTING RITUAL (Excessive Oily Skin) 90 minutes $120.55
A must have for those concerned with visibly shiny skin. The deep cleansing routine eliminates any access sebum to the skin and slows down the process of blemishes and comedowns, giving make-up a longer lasting and more mattifyng appearance.
SOS RECONCILING RITUAL (Sensitive / Hyper-Sensitive Skin) 90 minutes $120.55
An excellent treatment for sensitive skin. Designed for those whose skins are feeling particularly irritated and inflamed due to environmental factors or certain products. Specialized masks & serums de-sensitize the skin, leaving it feeling calm and soothed.
ENERGIZING SHOCK RITUAL (Skin Brighter and Chocoholics!) 90 minutes $120.55
Is your skin feeling tired, exhausted and stressed? This invigorating facial will stimulate your skin’s tissues & enhance its natural radiance and glow by kick starting the cell production leaving an appearance of softer more radiant skin. The uplifting aromas of cocoa, orange and royal jelly will truly leave you feeling on top of the world!
WRINKLES CORRECTING RITUAL (First Signs of Ageing) 90 minutes $120.55
A treatment for women concerned with the first signs of ageing. The intensive hydrating ingredients combined with invigorating massage movements, help stimulate the skin, allowing a visible, even skin texture. Fine lines & wrinkles will be reduced.
ABSOLUTE LIFT RITUAL (Mature Skins) 90 minutes $120.55
Intensive treatment specifically designed to help lift and firm mature skin. With a combination of stimulating massage techniques and rich moisturizing products, the skin is left enriched & visibly lumiere with a reduced appearance of deep set wrinkles & pigmentation.
CLEAR SKIN TREATMENT 60 minutes $80.37
Excellent for all skin types. This treatment is ideal in restoring the skin’s natural ph balance. The deep cleansing procedure leaves the skin appearing fresh and vibrant. Great before the application of make-up.